First Impressions

Moving In To Small Town

Recently I moved into a small coastal Texas town, when I say recently I mean four days ago. The decision to move here was one that my wife really made by herself and more or less dragged me into. She tells me that I’m going to love it down here because there is so much for me to do. Quite frankly I think that she just said that to try to sell me on the idea that this move was a good idea. So since I really had no alternative unless I wanted to get a divorce and start everything over alone I opted to give it a try and start everything over not alone. We moved to a town with a population of about 1300 and I think her main reason for wanting to move was to be closer to her mom. In-fact so close that we are now living with her, her husband and his daughter in a two bed room duplex! I got the pleasure of moving our 3 bedroom apartment from Houston, Texas to a hole in the wall town some 3 1/2 hours south by myself. Now all of our stuff is in a storage that some retired old lady is paying for that my wife’s  mom happens to do home health care for. My Wife moved down here about a week or two before I did and was supposed to go to work for a car dealership. However not to my surprise that has yet to happen. I quit my job as a dedicated truck driver and moved down here because she said that the job was a giving and that she wanted me to take it easy and let her support the family for a while because I’ve been doing it all for years. Sounded pretty good so I said sure, I should have known It wound be anything like she said.

My First Impression

As far as the town goes my first impression of it is that its way too small. I don’t see how a town of this size as well as its main focus being fishing and high school football is going to be able to provide the opportunities to excel in any line of work that I’ve ever been trained for. Lets face it eventually it will be expected of me to get a job so that she can sit around and really do a lot of nothing except gossip about the family or about friends with her mom. I’ll try to post regularly to keep an up to date thought on this experience. If it doesn’t get better within a couple of months I’ll be leaving this place with or without my family. Life’s to short to live everyday in discontent misery.


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